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Hey everyone, it's great to be back! Over the last month or so we did a lot of re-organizing, consolidating and general clean-up of the site and our physical offices. Our Direct Request (DR) and Package Forwarding (PF) services are back up as well, and we're beefing up all our other side services as we speak. We're still tinkering with code and trying to make the site smoother running and clearer for new users. Here are some new changes:

* Package Forward Pickups Every Day: We now do pickups every day for PF orders! In the past we did pickups only once or twice a week, but now we have daily pickups. This means faster processing and less waiting on your end!

* Faster Direct Request Processing: Since our PF system has been streamlined, we are now freer to process DR orders as well. Expect shipping to be quicker and more efficient as well!

* More Countries Auto-Calculated: Starting this week, we're adding new countries to our system to auto calculate shipping prices with USPS Shipping up to 15 pounds. If your country hasn't been added yet let us know and we'll try to add it in as soon as possible!

Lots more changes are coming soon, so keep doing what you do best and put your orders in to support the site. Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated!

JJ Parks ^_^


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