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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Package Forwarding
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** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1) Do you only ship to Canada? What if I live in another country? Can I still order from your website or put in a Direct Request order?
A1) We can ship anywhere in the world in fact. Although our main focus is on Canada, we can ship to Europe, Asia, South America, Africa... virtually any place you can think of. We are not yet able to ship to astronauts in the space station or living on the moon, but if you're actually an astronaut looking to order from our site then you obviously have a much more interesting lifestyle than we who ship games for a living ^_^ Maybe if we get a little more passive income...

Q2) Can I pay in Canadian Dollars/British Pounds/Euros/Japanese Yen, etc...?
A2) The truth is that almost all of our prices are tied to their purchase prices very closely (especially with the Direct Request orders). Because we only charge you the actual costs of most goods with a small additional charge on top, we ask that you pay in US Dollars only. We have in the past tried accepting Canadian Dollars and others but as the prices fluctuate, it becomes very difficult to track unfortunately. We may implement this option in the future, but at the moment we are going to be dealing only with US Dollars for now.

Q3) Are the games on the site defective in any way? Are they genuine and official releases?
A3) We only sell 100% Legitimate and officially licensed games. Some games may be previously-played (aka used) but we will note this if they are, as well as the condition they are. None of our games are defective and the majority of games we sell are brand new or in MINT/Near MINT condition so this isn't an issue. We do not sell illegal copies, replica items or bootlegs. Not only would we fear for our lives if we did this, but we wouldn't be able sleep at night.'s not cool for sites selling those types of products and we assure you all our products are entirely 100%, entirely without question GENUINE.

Q4) Can you ship the games/items to me before I pay? I'll have the money soon and want the game/item ASAP. Please?
A4) Unfortunately, we are unable to ship out orders before payment is fully cleared. We have been scammed in the past and unfortunately a few rotten apples can ruin a good pie. Not that we're selling apples or pies, but you get the analogy hopefully. Maybe I should have said omellettes...well anyway. We used to do this occasionally where we would order items for people after orders were put in (before payment was received) but then we had several instances where the buyers didn't follow through and we were left with virtually un-sellable items. For this reason, your payment must be received and CLEARED before we can ship out. We will not make exceptions to this rule for the time being.

Q5) Do you accept Personal Cheques/Checks, Money Orders or Western Union Payments?
A5) We can only accept Money Orders that are in US Dollars. Payment instructions will be available to you if you select this as a payment method. Personal Cheques and Western Union are not payment options at this time due to the fees and questionable nature of them. This may change in the future if we continue to grow, but at the moment it is not an option. The same goes for Concealed Cash. It's just too dodgy and too many things can go wrong with insecure payment types, so we try to avoid this at all costs. It's for everyone's best interest.

Q6) What type of shipping do you use?
Q6) While we can ship with just about any mailing service out there, we typically use the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are simply unbeatable for price and reliabiablity, and typically they have much lower customs/duties associated with them. For items 0-4 pounds in weight we typically use USPS First Class Mail and for all items over 4 pounds we use USPS Priority Mail. If you would like to ship with USPS Express/GMS, UPS or FedEX we can do so, but please note it will almost always cost more than the other aforementioned options.

Q7) How do you deal with customs and VAT tax issues?
Q7) We try our best to get you the lowest prices on items, but we do have to follow customs rules and regulations. For most orders you will not have to pay customs or duties and we will try to break your orders up into multiple packages if necessary, but if your item is more than $40-$50, you may have to pay these taxes. We cannot mark an expensive item down very low to avoid customs, as this breaks import/export laws and could get us both in trouble. We are not going to risk our reputation for our services to skirt out of a few dollars of customs. Just keep this in mind, as we get this question quite frequently.

Q8) What types of items can you NOT ship?
A8) Although we can ship most items internationally, there are some that are restricted. We cannot ship (or forward) the following: Weapons (including switchblade knifes and guns), weapon accessories (gun parts including air soft and paintball gun parts), explosives (including all forms of fireworks), fertilizers and plant treatments, aerosol sprays and paint cans, hardcore pornography (and in many countries anything considered pornography including comic book/anime versions). There may be other items too and we'll try to keep this list as up to date as possible. Also, as of May 2012, due to USPS restrictions, we can no longer ship ANY items containing lithium batteries (including cell phones, laptops, video game portable systems, iPods, etc.) via USPS. We can still ship lithium battery items via UPS or FedEx.

Q9) Why do you have a "Shipping Buffer"? Can I get these funds refunded?
A9) For the longest time we allowed customers to simply estimate their shipping charges, but we realized that far too often people didn't know what items actually weigh when shipped. The shipping buffer adds extra padding for shipping funds to ensure that we have enough money to send your items to you. Any leftover funds will be available to you afterward in your GFC Bank account and will be refundable via Paypal. If you'd prefer to leave the credits on file, that's fine too and you won't have to add new funds until your current $10 limit is depleted. You can also transfer your shipping buffer funds to other credits on the site including Service Charge Credits (SCC's) or Canuck Bucks.

Q10) Can I use Package Forwarding if I'm not a GFC Premium Member?
A10) At the moment we have decided that Package Forwarding (PF) orders will be for GFC Premium Members only. As a premium member you pay only $1.00 per item received/shipped as well as standard weight/value and shipping charges. Keeping it this way makes it much more efficient for the site to run smoothly and is a better way for us to gauge interest in the service. This may change in the future if demand changes, but for the time being PF services will only be available to Premium Members.

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